And We’re Off

When I decided to begin this Blog I had lofty Ideas of how I was going to be the next Martha Stewart and take the internet by storm.  I then realized that being the next Martha Stewart is not my dream. My dream is to share how much I love food with the world. As some one with mobility and fatigue issues my approach to cooking is different than any that I see on mainstream TV and Videos. I also want to confess I am not one of those culinary masters who can look in the fridge at chicken, mustard, and some other random things and come up with something special. I use recipes. Lots of recipes. I always tweak as I go making each my own, but have to start with a guide. I hope to spend each week finding a recipe, shopping, cooking, and sharing the results with you. I wish I had the stamina to post daily, but there are days where moving is my enemy. So expect at least one post per week maybe more if my body permits. For my first week I’m starting simple so check back every Saturday and see what we can make together.


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